Fat Represenation in Climbing

There’s still time to change everything you’ve ever thought about what an athlete looks like. 

There’s still time to challenge your notions of what a climber looks like. Challenge the idea that only certain body types participate in this sport. Remind yourself that climbers come in so many shapes and sizes.

What if you’d seen your body lovingly represented more often? In sports, in media? Would you write it love letters instead of picking it apart? There’s still time.

When I first started climbing I had never seen anyone who looked like me rock climbing before. In fact, even after I had been climbing for years, I still struggled to find even a single other plus size person who could relate to me in the climbing community. 

Eventually, I connected with other badass plus size climbers online (like Megan and Bennett!), but still… the handful of people I had found wasn’t enough.

That’s why we started Climb Big. We want to show that climbing is for every body, including fat bodies. We want to create a community and a culture that makes climbing feel welcoming and attainable for plus size folx.

Do you want to know why representation matters? Seeing yourself reflected in the people around you has a powerful effect. Suddenly the effort you’ve put into existing in the world is seen and validated and you realize that it’s been really hard and you have compassion for the struggle.

You begin to see what’s possible for you because now you have role models and you don’t feel so alone. I leave feeling so beautiful because the beauty in me is amplified and multiplied and reflected by the people I’m surrounded by.

– Bennett Rahn