Upcoming Events:

All 2020 events have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19. Please check back later for more details. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on future activities.

What to Expect:

Climbing can be a very intimidating sport. For plus size people it’s even more so. Worrying about whether or not a harness might fit can be a HUGE barrier. We’re here to help!

Our events are open to all but are especially geared toward plus size people. All who attend should be prepared to follow our guidelines for behavior outlined below.

As plus size climbers ourselves, we are especially aware of the challenges plus size people can face in outdoor recreation. Our events are focused on overcoming some of those barriers by providing an open & welcoming setting, with lots of support and encouragement.

You do not need to have any prior climbing experience to join us! Most people who attend a meet up have never climbed before. Your leader will show you everything you need to know.

What to Bring:

A water bottle.

There will be harnesses and climbing shoes to rent at each climbing gym. Check each event for specific details about rental rates and harnesses available.

If you have your own harness, climbing shoes, or chalk feel free to use them!

What to Wear:

Wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch in all directions is ideal.

Remember that moving your body, alongside the possible fear of heights, can make you very warm! We recommend wearing layers so that you can adjust your body temperature as needed.

A favorite outfit for many climbers is a t-shirt or tank on top, with leggings or spandex bottoms.

Climbing shoes are necessary to wear as footwear. As mentioned above, these will be available to rent at any climbing gym. Climbing shoes are best worn with bare feet, but can accommodate socks.

Guidelines for Behavior:

Our events are focused on uplifting what our bodies CAN do. We discourage diet, weight loss, or negative body talk.

Commenting on other bodies is strictly prohibited.

Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other type of bigotry will not be permitted.

If you engage in behavior that is making other climbers feel unsafe, you will be asked to leave.