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REI Co-op Journal on Plus Size Climbing

Some of our team members had the awesome opportunity to be interviewed for a piece for the REI Co-Op Journal last year – Outdoors For All: Plus-Size Climbers Challenge Steroetypes. “You don’t have to be a 5.11 climber in order for it to be your sport and to have fun,” Ortiz says. Rahn agrees. “I […]

Fat Represenation in Climbing

There’s still time to change everything you’ve ever thought about what an athlete looks like.  There’s still time to challenge your notions of what a climber looks like. Challenge the idea that only certain body types participate in this sport. Remind yourself that climbers come in so many shapes and sizes. What if you’d seen […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Feature on founder Sam Ortiz and how she got into climbing. As seen in Mountaineer Magazine Summer 2018 Edition My arms ache. I’m terrified of heights and I’m gripping too tightly again. By the end of the day my fingers will be bloodied and my legs bruised. Often, my ego is too. I don’t look […]