Making climbing more accessible for fat folx

At Climb Big, we’re interested in making rock climbing and the outdoors more accessible to fat folx. 

The barriers for plus size adventurers are huge, including a lack of representation and access, not to mention an incredibly limited selection of the gear and clothing that are necessary for safety in the outdoors.

Climbing can be a very intimidating sport. It’s scary and really uncomfortable to try a new sport, especially when it’s something that you don’t think you’ll be very good at. For plus size people, it’s even more so. Worrying about whether or not a harness will fit your body is a HUGE barrier.

That’s why we’re here to help!

Meet Us

Sam Ortiz


Sam is a Latinx climber, mountaineer, and photographer who has a passion for sharing her skills. She started Climb Big to make climbing more accessible after struggling to find a place in the outdoors, herself.



Megan Banker


Megan is a chiropractor by day and an alpinist by night! In her practice, she believes in providing Health at Every Size (HAES) care and brings that same belief system to the outdoors. The outdoors is for everyone!



Bennett Rahn


Bennett is a climber, mountaineer, surfer, paddleboarder, through hiker, biker, any sort of outdoor adventurer. She is passionate about making the outdoor space welcoming for everyone and increasing representation.



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